815 Flow

This is your go-to flow class, suitable for all levels. Modifications are provided for the beginners as well as the more experienced yogis looking to push the boundaries of their practice. Physically and mentally challenging without being overwhelming, this balanced and complete practice will both strengthen and stretch your body.

Beginner Flow


Brand new to yoga? Join this class to begin your yoga experience in a safe space. You can expect clear descriptions and practice of safe alignment in the most common yoga postures, giving you the confidence to continue your practice in our other classes.


This vinyasa-style flow class is perfect for yogis who have attended many yoga classes and are ready for the next level. We play with more challenging arm balances and inversions, and we flow more quickly, so foundational knowledge of basic yoga poses is required. 

Hot Flow

We designed this heated vinyasa-style flow class for yogis with some experience looking to sweat, burn calories, and detoxify the body and mind. Room temperature will be set near 85 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing us to build plenty of heat without being so hot that we risk over-stretching and injuring muscles.

slow burn

Different from a flow-style class, where we transition in and out of poses fluidly and continuously, here you will move through a sequence of longer-held poses. In these longer holds, you can expect to "burn out" the muscles, ending with several deep stretches. Some yoga experience is recommended but not required.

power hour

Power up! This is a fast-paced, dynamic flow that is designed to get the blood pumping and make you sweat. Come ready for plenty of core work and a chance to take your yoga practice one step further. Some yoga or other training experience is recommended.

Restorative yoga

Think: "60-minute Savasana." This practice is a perfect compliment to more rigorous yoga classes or exercise of any kind. Using blankets, bolsters, and eye pillows, we enter complete relaxation and practice stillness. 

candlelight yoga

Allow your week to melt away in this meditative candlelit class. Starting slowly, building heat, and ending in luxurious, deep relaxation will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Rise & Shine

Good morning! This all-levels sunrise class is the perfect way to start the day. Designed to transition the body and mind from asleep to awake, you'll leave the mat energized and ready to peacefully take on the day ahead.

Chair Yoga

Sitting or standing using a chair for support, we work through adaptations of yoga poses to gently stretch, open, and strengthen the body. This modified yoga practice is perfect for anyone with an injury or other movement limitations that might prevent weight-bearing postures, or that might cause difficulty in repeated sitting and standing motions.

happy hour

All levels are welcome in this fast-paced, creative flow class intended to be a silly approach to exploring your yoga practice. Join us after class at a local bar or restaurant to spend some time with fellow yogis and help build and strengthen our yoga community in Rockford!

(Final Fridays only)