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buy a membership

1 Meditation = $8

1 class = $18

Unlimited Membership = $108/month

Unlimited+ Membership = $128/month

Yin Yoga is a deeply therapeutic form of yoga, focusing on the body’s connective tissues, fascia, meridians and energy channels, and corresponding organs and glands. Each posture is held for 2-10 minutes to allow plenty of time for physical and mental release, challenging the practitioner to find relaxation in the midst of discomfort. Most of the postures are practiced seated or lying down with plenty of props to support all body types and flexibility levels.

yin yoga

“Community is as important to the collective as spirituality is to the individual.”
We invite you to join us for this powerful, spiritual community gathering. We’ll come together through prayer, meditation, music, reflection, and discussion, with a shared goal of healing and uplifting the hearts and minds of our local community and beyond.
This is a beautiful experience to attend on your own or with a loved one. Please come as you are. All are welcome.

sunday yoga church

This Hatha-style class will take you through a series of postures and exercises designed to help you build the strength and endurance needed for a regular asana practice. The challenge in this class is to find inner peace within each physically challenging pose, rather than “powering” your way through. We’ll move slowly and hold postures longer, demanding steadiness in body and mind.

slow burn

Discover focus, calm, and clarity. With instruction every step of the way, the practitioner will be guided to center the attention and steer the thoughts in a singular direction, consciously observing the mind's tendencies. Sessions will rotate through various themes and styles, including concentration, mantra, body scan, nidra, relaxation, gratitude, forgiveness, lovingkindness, and many more. This class is perfect whether you're looking to establish the basic fundamentals of mindfulness, to progress your asana practice, or to enhance an existing meditation practice.


Each session, expect a brief grounding meditation and balancing breathing exercises followed by an energizing vinyasa to prepare the body for a series of main postures. This classical style of yoga works with the energy body through the chakra system to unlock the body, still the mind, open the heart, and ignite the spirit. Our practice ends with a blissful and healing guided relaxation to send you into your day renewed, inspired, and radiating peace.

Hatha yoga

This sweet, slow paced class is a wonderful stress-reliever. Feel physical, mental, and emotional tension melt away as we move fluidly from pose to pose, encouraging you to stay in poses where your body needs a little extra time to let go. It’s a beautiful way to reset your nervous system after a long day, or to ease back into your yoga practice after some time away.

gentle flow

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