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personal and planetary healing.

Spiritual Community

At 815Yoga, we believe that                              is the secret ingredient to heal the many crises we face as a society today. We're seeing crises in mental health, physical health, the family structure, our Earth Mother... to name just a few. That's why we're here: to create a space that calls likeminded souls together in the name of 

Hey there! we're the women behind the 815Yoga Collective.

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At the center of 815Yoga is our founder, our heart and soul, Ally Ubiparipovic. Her mission is to inspire a wave of self-care so fierce, the whole world heals. With a background in Classical Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Vinyasa and Power Yoga, Usui Reiki, and Esoteric Astrology, she is equipped with healing tools and resources to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

After her first yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in 2016, Ally started 815Yoga out of her basement, clients’ homes, local parks, CrossFit gyms… anywhere she could lay down a yoga mat. Quickly she grew tired of her “mobile yoga studio” and decided it was time for a more suitable space. Ally brought 815Yoga to life when she was 23 years old and has since touched the hearts of more than 2,000 students through yoga. At 815Yoga she brings together ancient tradition and modern movement to provide challenging and FUN classes for an ever-growing community of like-minded individuals seeking personal growth and deeper human connection.

In addition to studio classes at 815Yoga, Ally offers specialty healing services (her signature sessions include a blend of Reiki healing, sound therapy, astrology coaching, aromatherapy, and self-massage), corporate yoga packages, and retreats.

Sun:   Scorpio
Moon:   Taurus
Rising:   Leo
HD:   Manifesting Generator

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Meet Ally

Founder & Owner, Lead Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master

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Jaime Fagan is a high school English teacher turned homeschooling mom and urban homesteader. Jaime established Making of a Home in 2013 as a blog about raising a young family living close to Earth in the midst of a modern age.
While homeschooling, Jaime worked for the YMCA of Rock River Valley as a youth and family program coordinator. She brought gardening and art-based workshops to the forefront of the YMCA and its programming. When COVID hit, she lost her job with the Y but saw this as an opportunity to spread her wings and began running workshops from her backyard in 2021, and she opened an Etsy shop where she sells goods made-from and inspired-by her urban homestead. Jaime joined the 815Yoga Collective in February of 2022.
Jaime’s passion comes alive when she works with youth and teens. Her mission is to guide young people towards a more sustainable, local food system that is accessible to all – regardless of economic circumstance. She believes that the future is bright in the hands of the next generation, and her goal is to pass along her infectious love for growing food and building community.

Sun:   sagittarius
Moon:   Aquarius
Rising:   Capricorn
HD:   Projector

Book Worm
Tree Hugger
gardening queen

Meet Jaime

Chief Inspiration Officer, Yoga Instructor, Homesteading Expert

From the beginning...

Our story begins in the summer of 2016. Ally spent her summer in Costa Rica immersed in her first yoga teacher training, while Jaime and her family attended Koviashuvik Local Living School in Temple, Maine where they learned to live off-grid and closer to Mother Earth. Their individual journeys unfolded, each unaware that their paths were already merging...

Ally travels to Costa Rica for her first Yoga Teacher Training, where she spends the summer living off-grid in the rainforest.

Ally comes home to Rockford and teaches yoga at local gyms. She held her first classes at Oak Strength Crossfit Gym.

Jaime and her family spend a week living in Temple, Maine at Koviashuvik Local Living School learning how to live off-grid in harmony with the Earth.

July 2016

November 2016

August 2016

Our Story

Ally signs a lease for 815Yoga's very first home at 6250 E Riverside.

February 2017

June 2018

September 2018

February 2018

June 2017

With the help of friends and family, Ally opens 815Yoga on June 24th, 2017!

Jaime and her daughters attend their first yoga class at 815Yoga.

Ally moves to Asia for six months, sparking a new love for ancient traditions and wisdom.

Jaime takes a job as the Youth & Family Program Coordinator with the YMCA of Rock River Valley, kick starting her journey leading wellness-based offerings.

815Yoga classes move outside to the Peace Plaza; Jaime begins running workshops from her backyard to help people get outside.

June 2020

March 2020

COVID shuts down the yoga studio.

Jaime has breakfast with Ally and her (now) husband after a yoga class at Anderson Gardens, sparking a life-long friendship.

May 2021

815Yoga relocates to the Rockford City Market as the "815Yoga Collective."

February 2022

Ally marries Mladen, and the Fagans dance the night away, sealing in a friendship for life!

April 2022

Jaime begins Yoga Teacher Training with Ally!

December 2022

Ally & Jaime open 815Yoga at Edgebrook!

COMING SOON: Summer 2023

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We know you'll fit right in.

Our community was made for people just like you: burned out on hustle culture, grieving for our families and our planet, hungry for transformation. We see you, and you're not alone.

Come in for a class or workshop. In person is always better, but we have online offerings, as well. We're ready for you.

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Like our vibe?

In case you haven't heard... 815Yoga is moving expanding to Edgebrook Shopping Center! We could not possibly be more thrilled about this expansion. It's been a long time in the making, and a "coming home" of sorts.

815Yoga is getting some major upgrades with this relocation. We can't share the details quite yet, but hopefully very soon. You won't believe it until you see it. We're talking next-level luxury, holistic wellness, including Hot Yoga, Reiki, hot and cold therapy, member dinners at a big dining room table, and so much more. Stay tuned!

1615 N Alpine Rd
Rockford, Illinois 61107

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin